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Sat, May. 5th, 2007, 01:21 pm
terredancer: About this... "message to leafs fans"...

Melnyk to Leafs fans: Climb aboard

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has a message for Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

Get on board with Ottawa's drive for the Stanley Cup.

When the Anaheim Ducks eliminated the Vancouver Canucks with a 2-1 double overtime victory last night, the Senators became Canada's lone hope for a Stanley Cup triumph this season.

No Canadian team has hoisted the most hallowed chalice in sports since the Montreal Canadiens in 1993.

"I think all Canadians should be ecstatic that there is a Canadian team representing the country and I'm glad that it's Ottawa," Melnyk said this morning at an Ottawa Chamber of Commerce event at Scotiabank Place.

Melnyk said he believes Leaf fans should put their bitter rivalry aside and join the rest of Canada in supporting the Sens' run for the Cup.

"All you Leaf fans, all I can say is get on the bandwagon because we're going all the way this year," he said.

The Senators currently hold a 3-1 lead over the New Jersey Devils in their Eastern Conference semi-final series. They can advance to the conference final for the second time in franchise victory with a victory in New Jersey on Saturday night.

As a Leafs fan, this pisses me off. I might be American, and hence not totally into the "should cheer for Canadian teams over American ones", but I look at the teams I cheer for. I cheer for Toronto above all else. I cheer for Edmonton and Calgary. I really, really wanted the Canucks to win this time. Hell, I will cheer for the Habs before I'll cheer for the Sens, and they're the Habs for fuck's sake.

And I always always cheer for Team Canada.

In fact, this makes me less likely than ever to cheer for the Sens. I was sort of quasi-not-minding that the Sens would beat the Devils, most likely. Because it's the Devils, who I also hate. So I was like "Somebody win, and Dany play well, plz."

Now, though...

Well, I still can't cheer for the Devils, but if I tune it out long enough, eventually that series will go away.

Until then: Go Sabres. Go Sharks.